Bird Guards And Fitting

Service Cost
Standard Fitting
  • Up to Two Guards on One Stack
  • Two Persons
  • Simple use of 1 ladder plus roof ladder.
  • Use of Safety Line Equipment
  • Roof and Chimney Stack Survey
  • Fully Insured
Advanced Fitting
  • Up to Two Guards on One Stack
  • Two Persons
  • Use of all ladders and equipment
  • Complicated Access
  • Extended appointment.
  • Roof and Chimney Stack Survey
  • Fully Insured
From £90
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Bird Guards and Cowls

The nuisance caused by the weather, birds, small animals and leaves entering the chimney can be resolved by fitting a cowl from our bird guard range.

Bird Guard designs vary as much as the chimneys they are attached to. Below are some of the more common types which we keep in stock.

Pictures Description
Bird Guard 1 A decorative bird guard is a simple and cost effective way to keep birds from building nest in your chimney. This bird guard adjusts to fit flues from 150mm to 225mm internal diameter.
Bird Guard 2 The standard stainless steel bird guard comes in a Terracotta, Buff and Chrome finish and is ideal for stopping bird entry and will also very much reduce rain entry. One advantage of this cowl is that it cannot be knocked off during sweeping.
Bird Guard 3 The Euro Anti-Downdraught Chimney Cowl is designed to cure smoky fireplaces. It prevents downdraughts by creating a positive airflow whatever the wind direction. Suitable for all flue types. Fits flue sizes 125mm to 250mm internal diameter. Also prevents birds, vermin and rain entry.
Bird Guard 4 The aspirator cowl is a wind driven chimney cowl and is good at stopping downdraft and can help to increase draw on a sluggish chimney when it is windy. An aspirator is not suitable for an inefficient stove or a fireplace as the cowl is liable to become tarred up. The aspirator cowl should be checked and cleaned every year to make sure it is free from tar and check that it can spin freely.
Bird Guard 5 These chimney caps are used on disused chimneys to keep out all the wind and rain that would usually enter the flue through an open chimney pot. They also keep out unwanted birds, squirrels and nesting insects such as wasps. Chimney caps cut down on the heat loss associated with completely open chimney flues. It can be fitted to any standard round pot up to 280mm diameter
Ben climbing chimney We use ladders, ropes and harnesses when fitting bird guards or working at height.