Chimney Sweeping

Service Cost
Standard Sweep
  • One Chimney/Flue Clean
  • Stove/Fire Place Clean
  • Smoke/Draw Test (if needed)
  • Inspection of Flue and Appliance for safe and correct operation
  • Advice
  • Blockage removal (see separate pricing)
  • Fully Insured
+ 1 Chimney
This applies to chimneys in the same house.
Advanced Sweep
  • As above
  • Stove Removal and Re-Seal
  • Extended Appointment
  • Ingle Nooks
  • Over sized chimneys and Flues
  • Fully Insured
From £65
Commercial Sweep
  • Ducting, Vents etc
  • All jobs considered
  • Please call to make inquires
  • Fully Insured
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Birds Nest and Blockage Removal

Pricing can vary depending of the size and type of the blockage. Birds have been known to completely fill a chimney with nesting material. We supply & fit a wide range of Guards & Cowls.

Inglenooks and Large Fire Places

Inglenook fire places are very large and have a significantly greater surface area, some are big enough to stand in. Price reflects time and work involved in completing a professional and thorough sweeping, often requiring entry inside the fireplace whilst sweeping. No mess created or left.

Clean Chimney Discount

It is a good idea to sweep Gas fires and disused chimneys to ensure there are no blockages and that they remain in good condition. These flues are usually v clean and a sweep is only needed as a safety check , not to clean the chimney.

From £35
Group Bookings Discount

Many customers have neighbours and friends who live close by that also need a chimney swept.

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CCTV Inspection

A micro inspection camera is used to inspect the internal condition of chimneys and fire places. The camera can reach over 20m along a pipe or flue. The inspection can be viewed by remote screen and can be recorded for later playback. The camera produces high quality colour picture and uses bright LED lights for use in dark.

Full Smoke Test

This is an integrity test which checks for leaks and holes inside the chimney flue.

  • Top of chimney capped
  • Chimney filled with smoke
  • Entire length of chimney checked for leaks
  • Smoke Test Report issued

Chimney sweeping removes soot in order to ensure safe operation, optimum efficiency and prevent deterioration. Excessive soot build up can lead to a chimney fire but regular cleaning and inspection can prevent this.

Visit my Guides Page for more information on your fire, how it works and how soot effects a chimney.

Ben in front of fireplace A Chimney Sweep with Three Counties Chimneys 30 minutes to 1 hour